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We keep your heart in good hands

Highest medical quality at the latest state of the art, a personal atmosphere, comprehensive care and the individual wishes and hopes of each patient are our top priority.

In a highly qualified team, we offer the entire spectrum of heart surgery with the exception of thoracic organ transplantation.

Cardiac Surgery

World-class cardiac surgeons


Mitral valve surgery

Mitral valve surgery is a method, which is used to treat a leaking or narrowed mitral valve leakage (regurgitation) or narrowing (stenosis).

Aortic Valve Surgery

Our surgeons can restore the function of narrowed or leaking aortic valves and thus treat aortic valve narrowing (stenosis) and leakage (regurgitation).

Bypass operation

Bypass surgery is used to treat narrowing of the coronary arteries when medication or stents and lifestyle changes are no longer sufficient.

Transcatheter valve surgery (TAVI/MitraClip)

A new minimally invasive cardiac surgery technique in which our specialists replace or restore the affected heart valves through a catheter.

“Second opinion” of a German heart surgeon on why patients choose Leipzig Heart Center

Prof. Dr. Sergey Leontyev, MD and operating surgeon at the Leipzig Heart Center, one of the most recognized cardiac surgery hospitals in Germany, talks about the nuts and bolts of minimally invasive heart surgery techniques that eliminate the need for open-heart surgery, clarifies crucial criteria for choosing a hospital for cardiovascular disease treatment, and explains what drives down the risks of recurrence in cardiac patients.

The Fontan principle is a long-term treatment solution for children with congenital heart disease

Today we are here together with Prof. Dr. Ingo Dähnert, Director of the University Clinic for Pediatric Cardiology at the Heart Center in Leipzig, talking about congenital heart defects and the most common types of surgical treatment in pediatric heart surgery including the Norwood, Glenn and Fontan procedures.

When problems occur in a small heart

For a quarter of a century, doctors, nurses and other medical staff at the Heart Center Leipzig have been caring for the well-being of cardiac patients. This place has long been one of the most popular addresses for medical professionals in Europe and is also known worldwide. It is not least due to the excellent staff working here. One of the staff members is Dr. Peter Kinzel, Senior Physician at the University Hospital of Paediatric Cardiology.

The Ozaki procedure is a good alternative to a biological valve replacement

Today we are talking to Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Jaroslav Benedik, senior consultant at the Clinic for Cardiac Surgery and Cardiac Vascular Surgery at Helios Hospital Krefeld, about heart valve diseases and the innovative Ozaki method

Important Information for Ukrainian refugees upon arrival in Germany

Important Information for Ukrainian refugees upon arrival in Germany.

Less is more: Minimally invasive procedures facilitate complex heart operations

The Heart Center at Helios Hospital Siegburg is one of only a few specialized heart centers in Germany. For more than 20 years, heart specialists at the Heart Center Siegburg have been working to provide cardiological patients with the most up-to-date and highest-quality medical care.

Once an artificial heart and back - cutting-edge medicine at the Heart Center Siegburg

Markus T. has been standing firm in life for 58 years. He never expected that he would require the use of an artificial heart (LVAD). Even less did he think that his heart would be so strong that it would eventually make the use of the LVAD unnecessary.

Helios Heart Center Leipzig: Heart transplants are never routine

Dr. med. Alexey Dashkevich is Senior Physician and Division Director of the Heart Transplantation and Artificial Heart Program at Helios Heart Center Leipzig. Around 30 hearts and 50 artificial hearts are transplanted here every year. On the occasion of Organ Donation Day on June 3, he provides an insight into his daily work, the social circumstances and special challenges of transplantation medicine.

Privilege and honor for heart surgeon at Helios Hospital Krefeld

Prof. Diyar Saeed, Chief Physician of the Clinic for Cardiac and Cardiac-Related Vascular Surgery at Helios Heart Center Niederrhein, has been appointed a member of the prestigious American Association for Thoracic Surgery (AATS).

Heart Center Leipzig: Back on the e-bike thanks to bypass surgery

Around six million people in Germany suffer from coronary heart disease. Their heart is not supplied with enough oxygen because the blood flow to the heart is disturbed. Bypass surgery, which is traditionally performed on the open heart, can help. The situation is different at Heart Center Leipzig. Here, the operation is minimally invasive - gentler and safer for patients. Roland Grunert benefited from this surgical procedure and was quickly back on his feet.

Leipzig Heart Center

A team of more than 1,400 employees works at the Heart Center Leipzig under the direction of internationally experienced doctors and renowned scientists. Our goal is to provide the best possible care for patients with heart disease and to establish innovative, minimally invasive treatment options.

The Center cooperates with the world' s most renowned clinics and employs internationally experienced specialists: since 2017, the clinic has been operated by professors Michael Borger (President of the American Heart Society, former Head of Cardiac Surgery at Columbia Medical University in New York), Holger Thiele (University Clinic of Luebeck) and Sergei Leontyev, , successor to the founder of the center Prof. Dr. Friedrich-Wilhelm Mohr.

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