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Heart Center Leipzig

General Info

During its 25 years of existence, the Heart Center Leipzig has reached the highest international level. Today, the Heart Center Leipzig employs more than 1,450 employees under the supervision of internationally experienced doctors and renowned scientists.

The Heart Center Leipzig provides a wide range of services and covers the diagnostics and treatment of all diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The prehospital, inpatient and outpatient care is provided to approximately 44,000 patients annually.

The Heart Center Leipzig provides a wide range of services and covers the diagnostics and treatment for all types of the cardiovascular diseases. Under an interdisciplinary model, the Heart Center Leipzig brings together the expertise of multiple medical professionals called "Heart Team" in order to provide the best treatment for patients. Heart Team consists of the cardiologist, cardiac surgeon, arrhythmologist, anesthesiologist and internist. Multidisciplinary teams of specialists in close collaboration with the specialized departments ensure the best personalized medical service for adults and children, paying particular attention tosafety and quality.

The Heart Center Leipzig Team has participated and is still participating in the development of many innovative therapies for cardiovascular diseases that are now became standard treatments worldwide, for example: minimally invasive heart valve surgery, TAVI (transcatheter aortic valve implantation), MitraClip ( transcatheter mitral valve reconstruction), TriClip (transcatheter tricuspid valve reconstruction), modern ablation methods and modern methods of correcting congenital heart defects.

The Heart Center Leipzig Figures (2017)

18.374 (partly) inpatients
3.589 prehospital patients
23.505 outpatients
5.351 surgical interventions
8.650 catheter examinations
2.126 ablations
1.415 insertions of pacemakers or defibrillators
2.489 Cardiac MRI
1.450 employees
440 beds

Medical Care

The Heart Center Leipzig – High-end medicine for the heart

The city of Leipzig can look back on centuries of tradition in the field of academic medical research and teaching. Since September 1994, this tradition has been continued responsibly and extensively at the Heart Center Leipzig. The basis for this is a cooperation and lease agreement between Herzzentrum Leipzig GmbH, the University of Leipzig and the Free State of Saxony. Since February 2014, the Heart Center Leipzig has been part of the Helios Hospital Group.

Heart Center Leipzig - Departments

  • The University Department of Cardiac Surgery

The doctors of this department perform more than 6,000 operations per year. They have vast experience in cardiac surgery from simple minimally invasive surgeries to heart transplants. The wide range of surgeries provided by the department covers all adult and pediatric cardiac surgeries. The department of Cardiac Surgery at the Heart Center Leipzig is a leading center in the field of minimally invasive surgery. In particular, mitral valve surgery is performed without opening the chest through a small incision in the right side of the chest. In the field of surgery of the mitral and aortic valves, the main focus is the methods of operations for preserving the own mitral and aortic valves. which is in the long term more favorable than the replacement of these valves, especially for younger patients. The rejection of the heart-lung machine (for coronary artery bypass graft surgery) and the use of minimally invasive approaches (for coronary artery bypass grafting and valve surgery) allowed many patients to reduce risks and improve the tolerance of surgical procedures, as well as shorten the recovery time.

  • The University Department of Cardiology

The main focus of the clinic is on diagnostics and treatment of acute myocardial infarction and of the valvular heart diseases. Our services include the entire range of a comprehensive treatment for patients with chronic blockage of the coronary arteries, heart failure, heart rhythm problems, pulmonary hypertension, as well as congenital heart defects.

  • The Department of Pediatric Cardiology

The University Department of Pediatric Cardiology offers the treatment for patients of all age groups with congenital heart defects, acquired heart defects and heart rhythm problems. Our experienced team of pediatric cardiologists, neonatologists, pediatric anesthesiologists, pediatric cardiac surgeons, nurses and physiotherapists is working on providing our young patients with best treatment and care.

  • The Department of Arrhythmology

The Department of Arrhythmology at the Heart Center Leipzig is one of the largest arrhythmology departments in the world. Our department offers a full range of diagnostics and treatment of congenital and acquired cardiac arrhythmias. The types of heart arrhythmias are just as varied as the treatment options offered. One of the popular treatment options for arrhythmia is called catheter ablation. The Heart Center Leipzig has one of the world's largest electrophysiological research laboratories (EPU).

  • TheDepartment of Anesthesiology and Reanimatology

The anesthesiologists in each case select an individual scheme of pain relief using modern sparing methods of anesthesia and pain relief.

  • The Department of Organic Heart Diseases

The Department provides elderly patients with structural heart disease with valve replacement and reconstruction surgeries.

  • The Department of congenital heart defects in adults

The Department is certified by key medical organizations, such as: German Society of Cardiology, Heart and Circulatory Research; German Society for Pediatric Cardiology, German Society for Heart, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery.

  • The Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

The Radiology Department conducts over 100,000 examinations annualy, including 15,000 computed tomography (CT) examinations and over 5,000 magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations. Our state-of-the-art CT and MRI scanners provide three-dimensional images of the beating heart, optimally display the heart and coronary arteries without using a cardiac catheter. Along with the non-invasive diagnostics of coronary heart diseases, our department specializes in the diagnosis of heart muscle inflammation as well as of congenital heart disease.


In addition to first-rate medical and nursing care, the Heart Center also has more to offer in terms of service and makes the hospital stay personal and individual, enabling our patients to feel comfortable and quickly recover in a pleasant atmosphere. To this end, there is a special optional service concept comprising comfortable accommodation and a multitude of additional services.

Directly adjacent to the hospital complex, there is a modern residential complex in which apartments are available on special terms for guests, such as relatives.

Special services:


  • Single or double room with comfortable interior
  • Hairdryer, bathrobe as well as bath towels and towels
  • Selection of care products
  • Minibar and safe

Culinary extras

  • Selection of non-alcoholic beverages
  • Selection of fresh fruit every day
  • Daily changing and individual menus
  • Coffee and selection of cakes in the afternoon


  • Telephone and flat-screen TV, Sky TV
  • Free-of-charge use of our fax machine
  • Daily newspapers and magazines, free-of-charge Internet access


  • Personal and individual support by our service assistants and our optional service manager
  • Completion of admission formalities in your room
  • Free-of-charge laundry service
  • Daily change of towels and bath towels
  • Running of errands, daily change of bed linen on request

Should you have any additional requests during your stay please contact our service personnel.

Hotels & Travel

The Leipzig Heart Center has associations with numerous hotels in the area. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you with tips for planning your journey.

How you reach the Heart Center:

International Airport Leipzig-Halle

In case you need further assistance please feel free to contact us any time.

Heart Center Leipzig


Helios Heart Center is part of a medical complex with a century-old history, which also includes the Helios Klinik Park Leipzig. The cardiac center is now located in a spacious, modern building, a quiet green area with parks and lakes around it, the historic center of Leipzig 10 minutes away, and the Leipzig/Halle airport, which can be reached by a direct flight from Moscow in 3 hours. The clinic has an opportunity to choose an individual menu — kosher, halal, vegan or vegetarian. There is an ATM, a coffee shop, a gift and flower shop and everything you need. Including Russian-language press and literature.

Heart Center Leipzig

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We speak german, english, russian, arabic and french

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