Helios Cäcilien-Hospital Krefeld-Hüls: Patient Testimonials Ortho-Campus
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Helios Cäcilien-Hospital Krefeld-Hüls: Patient Testimonials Ortho-Campus

Real patients report - people of different ages tell their stories: About their joint pain and surgery, rehab and how it is to live with the new knee or hip joint.

Anne Murphy (61)

"I have returned safely to Ireland after an invaluable experience at Helios and Salvea. The reason why I decided to come to Germany was because the waiting list for surgical operations in Ireland was too long. I was in a lot of pain and I wanted to have an operation as soon as possible. I decided to investigate going abroad for surgery. I read many good reviews about Helios and Salvea in Germany and so I decided to inquire about an operation there. The process was very simple and straightforward. When I arrived, everyone was so helpful and supportive. All staff members treated me exceptionally well. The surgical team were so thorough and visited me on many occasions. There was a great variety of food available. The physiotherapy and gym was outstanding. I couldn't recommend it enough. I give it 5 stars."

Pieter Verheijen (66)

"I have a large vegetable garden, here I grow everything you can imagine: Asparagus, lettuce, potatoes, beans. When it sprouts and grows again in the spring, I'm fully operational - thanks to the new hip."

Hans-Peter Schmitz (81)

"I have been operated with the MAKO robot. Everything worked wonderfully for me. I have neither pain nor a foreign body feeling with the new knee joint. And I can finally ride my bike again."

Marc Schmetten

"In my early 40s, I felt much too young for a new hip joint. But the pain left me no choice. I used to play soccer passionately. Now I keep fit by running stairs."

Kees Verhoeven

"Already about three months after surgery, I was walking up and down the stairs in the home office. Being able to move completely pain-free, all day long, is an incredibly nice feeling."

Monika Urban

"If I had known how unproblematic the operations would be, I would have taken this step even earlier and saved myself a lot of pain. I can only recommend everyone to act as quickly as possible. After all, you want to enjoy life, especially in old age!"

Barbara Schatz

"Five months after bilateral hip surgery, I'm back on skis."

Reinhard Kraft

Former hotelier and grandpa of six: "If I still had a knee, I'd have that done, too."

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