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Specialist fields (in extracts)

  • Hepatobiliary surgery, laparoscopic/open
  • Pancreas, stomach and bowel surgery
  • All types of oncological intervention, laparoscopic/open
  • Endocrine surgery (thyroid, adrenal glands)
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Thoracic surgery

Curriculum vitae (in extracts)

1977 – 1980 — Studied medicine at the universities of Giessen and Lübeck
April 26, 1983 — Received license to practice medicine
November 11, 1983 — Conferral of research-based doctorate from the University of Lübeck. Dissertation Topic: The Influence of the Coagulation System on Shunt Thromboses in AV Shunt Operations
September 29, 1995 — Habilitation and conferral of authorization to teach, LMU Munich. Habilitation Thesis: The Development of Jet Cutting Equipment and Methods for Implementation in Liver Surgery
Employment History:
May 1, 1983 — Resident, Surgical Clinic, Lübeck Medical School (Director: Prof. F.W. Schildberg)
January 1, 1987 — Resident, Thoracic Surgery Clinic, Heidelberg-Rohrbach (Director: Prof. Vogt-Moykopf)
March 3, 1988 — Resident, Surgical Clinic, Lübeck Medical School (Director: Prof. F.W. Schildberg)
March 1, 1989 — Resident, Surgical Clinic and Polyclinic, LMU Munich University Hospital, Großhadern Campus (Director: Prof. F.W. Schildberg)
January 23, 1990 — Received certification in surgery
August 3, 1994 — Received subspecialist certification in vascular surgery
April 10, 1996 — Received subspecialist certification in abdominal surgery
September 25, 1996 — Received subspecialist certification in thoracic surgery
August 1, 1997 – December 31, 2001 — Senior Attending Surgeon, Surgical Clinic and Polyclinic, LMU Munich, Großhadern Campus. Head of the Interdisciplinary Liver Transplant Group
Since January 1, 2002 — Head of Abdominal and Thoracic Surgery, Helios Amper Hospital, Dachau
2008 — Founding Head of Department: Bowel Center
2012 — Founding Head of Department: Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery
2014 — Founding Head of Department: Dachau Cancer Center

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