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Specialist fields (in extracts)

  • Diagnosing and treating cancers in children and adolescents (benign lymphomas, brain, bone and soft tissue tumors, neuroblastomas, liver tumors, and all types of recurrent tumors)
  • Pediatric and adolescent blood diseases (all types of anemia, thrombocytopenia, granulocytopenia, and rare blood diseases)

Curriculum vitae (in extracts)

1991 – 1998 — Medical student, Heidelberg University, Germany

2002 – 2005 — Postdoctoral researcher at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg

2007 — Board certification in pediatric and adolescent medicine

2008 – 2010 — Department of pediatric oncology and hematology, Charité University Hospital

2010 — Professorial certification («habilitation») in pediatric and adolescent medicine

Since 2017 — Head of pediatric oncology and hematology at Charité

Since 2019 — Head physician, Department of pediatric and adolescent medicine at Helios Berlin-Buch

Academic activities

Dr. Hundsdörfer is an active researcher; he authored and co-authored more than 60 papers, first of all on such subjects as pediatric neuroblastoma, lymphoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, and stem-cell transplantats.

Patrick Hundsdörfer started his research career at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, and since 2016 he has been actively involved in developing and expanding the German Neuroblastoma Tumor Bank.

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