Helios Park-Hospital Leipzig - First class seal of quality for interventional radiology
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Helios Park-Hospital Leipzig - First class seal of quality for interventional radiology

Two professional associations confirm the excellent work of the interventional radiology department at the Helios Park-Hospital Leipzig.

Anyone who visits a doctor needs one thing first and foremost: trust. After all, the judgment of how to deal with one's own body and its recovery is left solely to the medical profession. But how is a layperson supposed to assess this? Expert help is provided by professional societies, which carry out an independent and in-depth assessment of the medical services offered on behalf of clinics and other medical institutions. The interventional radiology department of the Helios Park-Hospital Leipzig has faced this assessment in several ways - and passed with flying colors.

Two thumbs up

A certificate issued by independent professional bodies signals one thing above all: patients can be treated in this practice or clinic with the best conscience. Obtaining such a certificate is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The interventional radiology department of the Helios Park-Hospital Leipzig was happy to take on the effort. With the result that the German Society for Interventional Radiology (DeGIR) has certified the clinic as having the highest quality standard for interventional radiology and minimally invasive vascular medicine. This is a unique distinction in the interventional therapy sector for the entire Leipzig area, from which many areas at Helios benefit, including oncology, vascular and visceral medicine, urology and pain management.

Further certificates

As PD Dr. med. Michael Moche, head physician of the Clinic for Interventional Radiology, and Dr. med. Holger Staab, head physician of the Clinic for Vascular Medicine, explain, in the further short term a double certification of the Vascular Center, then according to the specifications of the Society for Vascular Surgery and the German Radiological Society, will be sought. "In the medium term, we are also planning certification by the German Society for Angiology," adds Dr. Moche. Its stated goal is to promote the quality of care in the field of conservative vascular medicine, representing more than 1,200 vascular specialists nationwide. Angiology is the youngest sub-specialty of internal vascular medicine.

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The presentation of all existing work processes, proof of qualification and further training of the employees, the certification of personnel availability, the implementation of specified guidelines as well as the highest technical standards are necessary cornerstones that must be presented to the respective professional associations before a certificate can be achieved. In addition, the auditors of each professional association obtain their own picture on site. Among other things, they conduct interviews with employees and follow the process from admission and medical treatment to discharge or aftercare of the patients.


The certificate awarded on passing the examination is ultimately only a small reward for the efforts made. What is more important, emphasizes Dr. Moche, "is that both referring physicians and patients can see that the interventional radiology department at Helios Park-Hospital Leipzig meets the highest quality standards. It would be hard to write a better work report.

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