Helios Hospital Bad Saarow: Institute for Radiology awarded
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Helios Hospital Bad Saarow: Institute for Radiology awarded

Due to the constantly growing number of radiological interventions and the ongoing expansion of the range of services, the team of the Institute of Radiology at the Helios Hospital Bad Saarow can be pleased about a special recognition: The institute, which is headed by head physician Dr. med. Dipl.-Phys. Jan Petersein, has been awarded by the German Society for Interventional Radiology and Minimally Invasive Therapy and may now call itself "DeGIR-certified Center for Minimally Invasive Therapy" as well as "DeGIR-certified Center for Minimally Invasive Vascular Medicine".

Sophisticated and state-of-the-art medical technology enables radiologists to gain ever more precise insights into the human body. This helps the experts not only in diagnostics, but also in therapeutic interventions.

"Many people associate radiology only with the production of images such as CT, MRI, X-ray or ultrasound. However, we also perform interventions on patients on a large scale. Our institute looks back on a long tradition of interventions. My predecessor, Dr. Christian Zur, has been developing angiography, i.e. vascular imaging and catheter-based therapy, here in Bad Saarow since the early 1980s."

- explains head physician Dr. med. Dipl.-Phys. Jan Petersein.

In the meantime, the spectrum of interventions includes not only angiography but also pain therapy (especially on the back), biopsies, drainage, local treatment of tumors (ablation, chemoembolization, etc.). Since 2010, the Institute of Radiology has been certified as a training center for these interventions by the German Society for Interventional Radiology (DeGIR), and head physician Dr. Petersein holds the personal certificates as an instructor. Participation in the DeGIR quality assurance program is mandatory in this regard.

"We carry out around 1,600 interventions a year. This number will continue to rise. On the one hand, the personalization of cancer therapy is increasing. This means that we radiologists are playing a decisive role in "tailoring" the therapy, which is individually adapted for each tumor patient, by taking tumor cells for appropriate examinations. On the other hand, outpatientization is advancing, which means that more and more procedures are being performed on an outpatient basis instead of as inpatient procedures as in the past, which further advances minimally invasive procedures such as catheter angiography. The DeGIR certificate is an incentive for us to continuously develop the quality and quantity of our radiological therapy portfolio in coordination with our clinical partners."

- emphasizes chief physician Dr. Petersein.

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