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Chief Physician at HELIOS Hospital Schwerin Dr. med. Dipl. Phys. Heinrich Annweiler

Dr. med. Dipl. Phys. Heinrich Annweiler

Specialist fields (in extracts)

  • Stereotactic radiation therapy
  • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy
  • Analgesic radiation therapy for arthrosis
  • Intracavitary brachytherapy
  • Irradiation of lung tumours under respiratory gating
  • Irradiation of liver metastases

Curriculum vitae (in extracts)

Academic education
1973 –79 Study of Physics, University of Bonn Degree in physics
1977–79 Diploma thesis, Institute for Radiological and Nuclear Physics
1978 – 84 Studies of human medicine, University of Bonn
3/84 Part 2 of the medical licensing examination
1982 – 83 Research Associate, Radiation Therapy, University of Cologne
1984 – 85 One-year practical training, University of Cologne
4/85 Medical licensing examination
Professional Background
1985-95 Centre for Radiology, University Hospital Essen
Radiation therapy under the direction of Prof. Scherer, Prof. Sack
X-ray diagnostics under the direction of Prof. Löhr
Internal medicine/Oncology under the direction of Prof. Seeber
1990 Radiologist
1995 Radiation Therapist
Since 1995 Department of Radiation Therapy, University Hospital Münster
Consultant under the direction of Prof. Willich
Academic degrees
1979 Graduate Physicist Diploma thesis: Calculation of the trajectory of heavy ions in the magnetic field
1989 Doctorate in medicine
Doctoral thesis: Spatial and temporal dose distribution in the short-term achytherapy of gynaecological tumours


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