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Chief physician HELIOS Amper Hospital Dachau Bernhard Arnold Bernhard Arnold

Curriculum vitae (in extracts)

Studied medicine in Regensburg and Munich
1980Received license to practice medicine
1980Conferral of research-based doctorate
1980-1982Department of Pediatrics, Schwabing Hospital
1982-1999Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, Neuperlach Hospital
1986Received certification in anesthesiology
1993 – 1998Head of Outpatient Pain Clinic, Neuperlach Hospital (pilot project of the Bavarian Ministry of Social Affairs)
Since 1999Head of Pain Clinic at HELIOS Amper Hospital, Dachau

Professional Service

  • Board Member, Professional Association of Physicians and Psychologic Psychotherapists in Pain and Palliative Medicine in Germany e.V.(BVSD)
  • Board Member, Working Group of Bavarian Pain Management Facilities (ASTIB)
  • Spokesperson for the German Society for the Study of Pain (DGSS) ad hoc commission "Multimodal Interdisciplinary Pain Management"


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