New center for the treatment of leukemia and lymphoma
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New center for the treatment of leukemia and lymphoma

The Helios Amper Hospital Dachau is expanding the treatment scope available: the new center will treat hematologic malignancies, such as lymphoma or acute and chronic leukemia. The Hematologic Neoplasia Center is certified by the German Cancer Society as one of the first of its kind.

A new but already acknowledged Hematologic Neoplasia Center (HNC) at the Amper Hospital Dachau. The term neoplasia literally means “new growth” and describes the occurrence of a tumor. Hematology is the study of blood. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Dirk Hempel, the new center will treat malignant diseases of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, such as lymphoma or acute and chronic leukemia. The Oncology Center in Dachau has an emergency department, two outpatient clinics with 40 points of care, a training center, and an interregional oncology board. Thanks to the comprehensive cooperation, the oncology center also carries out very sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as molecular diagnostics, gene sequencing, stem cell transplantation, intensity modulated radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and personalized therapy.

The German Cancer Society has already noted the high quality standard of the new center. Experts checked on-site whether the requirements for medical equipment, organizational process, staff qualifications, interdisciplinary cooperation, implementation of novel therapy standards, and therapy outcomes are being met.

 Multidisciplinary expert panel 

“I am very pleased that we continue to expand our range of treatment possibilities and sincerely congratulate Professor Dr. Dirk Hempel and all the participants with the opening and certification,” says Florian Aschbrenner, executive director of the hospital. “For our hospital, the new center is a real victory: there is still only one such center certified by the German Cancer Society in Munich and the metropolitan area. The Helios group includes three hospitals offering the maximum treatment program: in Erfurt, Schwerin and Wiesbaden.” Thus, the Helios Amper Hospital already includes 18 professional centers.

“At our center, patients receive medical care from an interdisciplinary team of experts in accordance with the latest advances in science,” explains Professor Hempel, head of the Oncology Department. “At oncology board meetings, we discuss the diagnosis and treatment of each individual patient. On the basis of this, a personalized treatment plan is developed together with all the experts.”

“Here in Dachau, we have many years of experience in the treatment of very complex cancers. This has been repeatedly confirmed by the German Cancer Society. In addition, we support technical and staff development,” says Professor Dr. Axel Kleespies, head of the Oncology Center in Dachau, which includes the new Center for Hematologic Neoplasia. “With the expansion of knowledge about gene sequencing and targeted therapy, great advances are being made in the diagnosis and treatment of leukemia and lymphoma. We implement them in our daily practice.”

Through strategic development and expansion of interregional partnerships, including the areas of imaging, gene sequencing, hematology, and stem cell transplantation, as well as medical research and artificial intelligence, the Hematologic Neoplasia Center is optimizing treatment and follow-up in the Dachau district and far beyond Bavaria.

The Helios Amper Hospital Dachau annually provides medical care to more than 22,000 inpatients, the Helios Amper-Klinik Indersdorf—to approximately 800 inpatients, as well as 1,200 patients in inpatient rehabilitation. Also, 1,200 employees of the two hospitals provide outpatient care to approximately 36,000 more patients. The 16 specialized departments in Dachau have 435 beds. The hospital in Markt Indersdorf specializes in geriatrics and has a total of 90 beds in the Geriatric Emergency Department, and performs inpatient and outpatient geriatric rehabilitation.

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