Helios Women's Hospital brings quality triple to Munich
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Helios Women's Hospital brings quality triple to Munich

The gynecology team at Helios Hospital München West can be pleased about three awards at once. The German Cancer Society recommends the facility both for the treatment of breast cancer and for cancers of the female genitals. The Working Group for Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy also recommends treatment at the Pasing Women's Clinic due to the particularly high quality standards in the early detection of changes in the cervix and external genitalia.

"Cancer is always a serious, sad diagnosis," says Dr. med. Sabine Keim, head of gynecology at Helios Hospital München West and Helios Amper-Hospital Dachau in Upper Bavaria. "But we are getting better and better at fighting it. That's also due to the high medical quality in certified cancer centers." By this, Dr. Keim also means her own department. Because there, three areas at once can look forward to awards. The German Cancer Society (DKG) again certified the Breast Cancer Center and, for the first time, the Gynecological Cancer Center at the Helios Clinic in Pasing. The DKG and the Working Group for Cervical Pathology and Colonoscopy certified the dysplasia consultation hour at the Helios Women's Clinic. In this special consultation, women with changes in the internal or external genitalia can find help if they had a conspicuous smear in the screening examination.

"We are very pleased about the quality triple. It is an important confirmation of our work," says Dr. Keim. "Our team has a very broad range of expertise, which of course benefits our patients," explains the chief physician, who can draw on a close network of experts in social work, psycho-oncology and oncology specialist nursing as well as radiology, pathology, oncology, surgery and radiotherapy in Dachau and Pasing.

"Cancer is a threatening disease. When it comes to treatment, it's even more important that patients can build trust," Dr. Keim said. "The operations are often major, the therapy paths long. That's why we don't have any changes in the doctors treating the patients. In addition to surgical and drug expertise, we take a lot of time for those affected and their families. We attach great importance to being there for them. As physicians and as people."

Helios Hospital Munich West is a modern referral medical centre with 412 beds located in the Pasing District and the affiliated hospital of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. The Hospital consists of the Central Emergency Department and 20 other referral departments and provides comprehensive assistance at academic level. Annually, about 24,000 inpatients and 31,000 outpatients rely on the experience and knowledge of about 950 employees. Besides quality medical care and assistance, they particularly appreciate short distances and private family-like setting.

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