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Specialist fields (in extracts)

  • Reconstructive and plastic surgery of the breast
  • Operative therapy of mammary carcinoma with use of plastic and reconstructive methods (Breast Center)
  • Reconstructive and plastic surgery of the abdominal wall
  • Operative therapy of the unstable abdominal wall after operations or after significant weight loss with use of lifting techniques and implantation of alloplastic materials
  • Reconstructive and plastic surgery of decubital and traum-related ulcerations
  • Operative covering of sacral and trochanteric decubital through sliding and pediculate flap plasty (e.g. Glutaeus and Tensor fasciae latae flaps in collaboration with General Surgery)
  • Operative covering of ulcerations in the foot and ankle joint area, e.g. through pediculate sural flap plasty (in preparation and in collaboration with Foot and Vascular Surgery)
  • Oncological and plastic surgery of malign skin tumors and malign melanomas
  • Operative therapy of localized recurrences; performance of LAE in the tumor drainage area; covering of defects through short-distance flaps in the face, torso and extremities areas (in collaboration with the Skin Hospital)
  • Plastic surgery of painful and/or deforming and/or function-impairing scars
  • Scar excisions; Z-plasties; pediculate or free flap plasties (in collaboration in Hand Surgery); postoperative compression therapy
  • Plastic surgery treatment of chronic wounds, e.g. after oncological therapy
  • Wound adhesiolysis, VAC therapy and subsequent defect reconstructions using body tissue
  • Oncological and plastic surgery of soft-tissue tumors
  • Oncologically managed tumor extirpations with subsequent body tissue reconstruction through pediculate or free flap plasty (in collaboration with Hand Surgery)

Curriculum vitae (in extracts)

1997 – 1985 — Wilhelm-Pieck-University Rostock, Germany
1984 — State Exam
1985 — Approbation
1985 – 1987 — Assistant doctor at the pathological institute hospital Schwerin with the qualification in the area surgical pathology
1990 – 1993 — Coordinator of the tumor center Schwerin, Germany
1987 – 1991 — Training to to assistant doctor in the clinic for surgery, hospital Schwerin
October 1991 — Specialist in Surgery
October 1996 — Senior physician in the onco-surgical field of the surgical clinic of the Helios Hospital Schwerin

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