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Specialist fields (in extracts)

  • Primary- and revision surgery of large and small joints
  • Foot and shoulder surgery
  • Arthroscopic surgery of knee and ankle joint
  • Joint-preserving knee joint surgery
  • Rheumatic orthopaedics

Curriculum vitae (in extracts)

2/1996 – 1/1998 — House officer and assistant doctor, Department of Trauma and Visceral Surgery, Bethesda Hospital Hamburg, Prof. Dr. H. S. Brieler
2/1998 – 9/1998 — Assistant doctor (knee, spine), Barmbek General Hospital, Hamburg, Barmbek General Hospital, Hamburg; Dep. of Orthopedic Surgery, Prof. Dr. E. Hille
10/1998 – 9/1999 — Biomechanics section, Technical University, Hamburg-Harburg, Prof. M.M. Morlock (Study about robotic and manual implantation of Hip Prosthesis)
10/1999 – 9/2002 — Assistant doctor (spine, joint replacement, foot): Barmbek General Hospital, Hamburg, Dep. of Orthopedic Surgery, Prof. Dr. E. Hille
10/2002 – 3/2004 — Specialist in orthopedic surgery, Dep. of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery, Eilbek General Hospital, Hamburg
4/2004 – 10/2005 — Training Rheumatic orthopedic surgery, Northwest German Center of Rheumatism, Dep. of Rheumatic Orthopedics, Sendenhorst, Prof. Dr. R. K. Miehlke
4/2006 – 09/2016 — Senior physician of the Department of Orthopedic and Joint Surgery at Tabea-Hospital in Hamburg, Dr. Goetz von Foerster
01/2007 – 06/2007 — International Arthroplasty Fellowship, Harvard University Boston MA, Brigham and Womens Hospital
10/2016 – to date — Leading Senior Physician; Department of Joint Surgery Helios ENDO-Klinik Hamburg

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