Preventive skin cancer screening

Preventive skin cancer screening

Both during the self-examination and skin cancer screening (skin cancer prevention) the ABCDE principle is used.

This principle is used in dermatology when assessing pigmented skin changes, i.e. moles or birthmarks. By following this rule, it is possible to quickly determine if any skin changes are threatening to health, should they have features that need to be further tested. Based on the results of the examination, sometimes it’s decided to remove the nevus. This method gives specialists the opportunity to detect signs of moles' malignant transformation. In other words, the ABCDE principle helps in the skin cancer and pre-cancer diagnostics.

The ABCDE principle is easy to use in self-examination

Experts recommend to examine the skin once a month. Thanks to this self-examination, skin changes can be detected at an early stage. Carry out the diagnostics in daylight so you don't miss anything. Ask your family to help with the back examination. Elderly people and children also need help.

As for the patients over 35 years of age, doctors recommend to undergo skin cancer screening every two years as part of preventive health insurance checkup programme.

Border irregularity
Colour variation
Diameter larger than 6 mm
Evolving or changing.

In case of doubt, it’s better to be reinsured. Any form of cancer is easier treated, when it’s earlier recognized.

Pay attention

The more suspicion changes are detected according to the ABCDE principle, the sooner it’s necessary to consult a dermatologist to determine the exact diagnosis.

If the once flat mole (or part of it) has become noticeably above the the skin surface over time, a dermatologist's examination is recommended.

In addition to these items, special attention should be paid if the mole begins to itch or bleed. In such cases, it’s urgent to see a specialist.

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