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From classicistic architecture to art and historical sights, Wuppertal is an industrial hub with a lot to offer and a truly fascinating history. The world-famous pain killer Aspirin, for instance, was invented at the Bayer production site in Wuppertal. One of its most supreme attractions, however, is the suspended monorail, which dates back as far as the year 1901 and crosses the city 12 meter above the ground.

In terms of infrastructure Wuppertal with its location near the Ruhr area and closeness to Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Essen and other large cities, is embedded in an elaborate traffic system thus facilitating any travel activities.

The Zoo

Wuppertal belongs to one of the most industrialized towns in Germany, and consists of a very interesting city center. Another highlight is the zoo, in Wuppertal, which is also called zoological garden Wuppertal. It is one of the most important places of interest in the city. The zoo belongs to the most beautiful in the world because of the ancient trees, its hillside situation and naturalness. In the park, which is about 20 hectare big, one can find 5.000 animals and round about 500 different species from all continents. Visitors can closely observe apes, monkeys, bears, big cats, elephants, birds, fishes and reptiles.  

The historical sights

Wuppertal offers many museums, a historical city hall and the institute for climate, environment and energy in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The infrastructure

Moreover does Wuppertal consist of a perfect infrastructure because of its location within the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia. To the Cologne airport it takes you about 20 minutes and the Frankfurt airport is only two hours away.

Several international airports serve the cities in the area.

The closest are:

  • Airport Düsseldorf
  • Airport Dortmund
  • Airport Cologne-Bonn
  • Airport Frankfurt

If you need help with your travel arrangements, the HELIOS International Office will be happy to assist you.


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