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The town of Siegburg is situated in one of the most beautiful and economically important areas in Germany, the Rhine River valley close to the Siebengebirge. With a travel time of only 20 minutes the town is merely a hop, skip and a jump away from the former German capital city Bonn.

The latter is not only a shopping Mecca, but as an ancient city with its origins in the Roman era is also renowned for its numerous historical sights including, for instance, Beethoven’s birthplace.

In terms of infrastructure Siegburg is likewise well supplied. The Cologne airport is about 15 minutes away by car and the rail takes you to Frankfurt in no more than 30 minutes.

The monastery "Michaelsberg"

The townscape is dominated by the monastery, "Michaelsberg". Siegburg is known as a traditional, but still modern, town. An ICE train station offers you direct connection to the fast railroad track cologne-Rhine/Main.

Shopping possibilities

For shopping activities, Siegburg presents an outstanding atmosphere. The city centre with its historical market place and buildings is easy to manage. The town is well known for its medieval Christmas market, offering many local handicrafts during the holiday season.

The city of Bonn

Bonn is not only a shopping mecca, but is also renowned for its historical sights. A variety of hotels, from luxury accommodations  of different category make your stay in the Rhineland even more comfortable and easy to organize.

In the middle age cologne was an important ecclesiastic, and as well an important artistic and educative, centre. The cologne cathedral is the biggest gothic church in Northern Europe and harbours the three king shrine, in which the supposed relics of the three holy kings are kept. For that reason there are three crowns in the city crest. The Cologne cathedral, declared to the world cultural heritage in 1996, is the main emblem of the city and serves as an indirect symbol.

The cologne carnival

The official highlight of the Cologne carnival is the so called, “Rosenmontagszug”, a German Mardi Gras parade. Next to that many clubs celebrate parties and balls with dance, music and speeches. The street carnival is another highlight and takes part all around cologne. Cultural metropolises In Second World War Cologne was mostly destroyed. Today the city also belongs to the cultural metropolises with many important museums, galleries, art museums as well as a very alive art-and music scene.

Shopping possibilities in Cologne

First shopping goal are the traffic free stroll-streets Hohe Straße and Schildergasse, which reach from the central train station all the way up to the Neumarkt.  At the end of the Schildergasse you can find the Neumarkt galleria. From there it is just a few minute walk to the popular shopping streets Ehrenstrasse, Breite Strasse and Mittelstrasse. Here visitors can find exclusive fashion stores.


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