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City & Region

Through the direct closeness to the metropolitan area Hamburg, to the East region with the seaports Wismar and Rostock, as well as to the federal capital Berlin, Schwerin has the advantage to be positioned right in the middle. Schwerin is the smallest regional capital in Germany.

The architecture
The town is well known for its architecture, which was broadly restored in the past ten years. Through the deep encouragement with this wonderful city, Schwerin received the culture award for the best preserved cultural city.

Seven lakes
Schwerin is surrounded by seven lakes and is not far from the seaside resorts Binz, Heiligendamm and Darss. Another highlight taking place, in Schwerin, is the castle festival in the old castle garden. This festival, in front of the beautiful setting, is known in many countries.

The palace
Hardly a visitor to Schwerin will be able to resist the magnetism of the palace, with its variety of towers and turrets, and its many faceted facades. The unique harmonious interplay with the surrounding parks and gardens, as well as the natural landscape, its artistic and architectural riches presents itself as the biggest and most important and also the most contemporary palace site in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The infrastructure
The city of Schwerin has an excellent infrastructure and is easily accessible by train, air or car. Hamburg is only an hour away and Berlin is approximately 2 hours away.

Landscape and architecture

You are interested in a town, which braved all historical storms by the typical Mecklenburgian calmness, and where you find an incomparable ensemble of landscape and architecture?

The water areas
The fairytale castle is reflected in the water of the lake, only some minutes away the wonderful old town, and invites to a stroll through the historical streets. The fascinating view from the top of the cathedral shows the specialty of Schwerin: the shining blue of the lakes dominates the townscape. Everywhere are water areas of different sizes.

Unspoiled nature
Those who search for recreation find an aquatic paradise belonging to the most beautiful ones in Germany. The region surrounding Schwerin has also much to offer: unspoiled nature, numerous lakes, idyllic villages, mills, castles and manor houses wait for you to become explored. The town is worth more than one trip. Schwerin invites you to get to know, stay and come back again.

Shopping possibilities
In the past years the regional capital has developed to shopping centre with over regional importance. For an outstanding shopping experience Schwerin offers you manifold possibilities. Enjoy the distinctive atmosphere in the town and stroll through the small streets and narrow alleys.

The shopping alley in the Mecklenburg Street brings you to small and big shops, comfortable restaurants and historical devices. In the Friedrich Street and Schmiede Street you will find boutiques, craftwork, regional treasuries and souvenirs. The Sclossparkcenter at the Marienplatz combines 120 shops under one roof.




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