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The town of Schwelm

Situated on the outskirts of the Ruhr, Schwelm is also known as the "gate to Westphalia". The town in North Rhine-Westphalia offers its 30,000 inhabitants a great variety of cultural and sports events and impresses with an attractive landscape. The southwest boundary of the town adjoins the city of Wuppertal; Sprockhövel, Gevelsberg and Ennepetal are situated to the north and east. The first settlements in Schwelm were established as early as around 900 AD. About 500 years after the first people had settled here, the place received its town charter in 1496, although back then it comprised only about 50 houses.

Just like many towns in the region, Schwelm used to be a mining town. Pyrite used to be mined here for iron vitriol and alum to be used in fabric dyes, and later on hard coal. Today, most inhabitants of the town work in the heath care or the administrative sector.


  • The Local Heritage Museum of Schwelm has exhibits on display that showcase the history of the town and the region from the Stone Age to today. The museum is accommodated in the "Martfeld House", a former manor house near the hospital, where also various cultural events are held, such as concerts, readings and an arts and crafts market, among others.
  • The town centre features some beautiful, historical listed buildings, providing a culturally rich platform for events. These include the "Rietz'sche Haus", which used to be an administrative building of the former brewery of Schwelm, the residential and commercial buildings in the old part of the town and the Christ Church, the second largest church in Westphalia.
  • The Hometown Festival, a five-day festival, takes place every year in September. The highlight of the event is the Sunday parade, where music groups and floats drive across the town.

Leisure time

  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Cinema
  • Various events, such as old town festival, international folklore festival, farmer's market and flea market

Excursion destinations

  • To the south and southeast of Schwelm, there are several nature reserves, such as the Land of Berg with well-signposted hiking trails and cycle paths.
  • Wuppertal, which is located eleven kilometres to the southwest, is worth a visit not only because of the suspension railway. There are also interesting museums, such as the Van-der-Heydt Museum, and the Wuppertal Zoo with the well-known lion and tiger enclosures.
  • Cologne with its more-than-400-year-old cathedral is located about 60 km to the southwest.




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