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Plauen is a mid-sized town in southwest Saxony close to Bavaria and the Czech Republic. Founded in the 12th century, the town of Plauen experienced an industrial boom in the late 19th century, when it became a textile manufacturing centre specialising in lace. Later on – in times of the Cold War – the town became famous for starting the first mass demonstration, which evolved into a series of mass demonstrations in various Eastern-German cities and thus ultimately heralded the demise of the GDR.

The closest airports serving the cities in the area are:

  • Airport Hof (30 km) Feeder Service to Frankfurt Airport
  • Airport Halle-Leipzig (150 km)
  • Airport Dresden (150 km)
  • Airport Erfurt (150 km)
  • Airport Nuremberg (165 km)

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HELIOS Hospital Plauen
Röntgenstraße 2
08529 Plauen

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