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Source: City of Pforzheim

The Golden City of Pforzheim is scenically located where the Black Forest meets the Kraichgau-Stromberg region of Baden-Württemberg. Located between the metropolitan areas of Karlsruhe and Stuttgart, it is one of the most attractive sites in the state.

The city is the political, economic and cultural center of the northern Black Forest region and serves not only its own residents but also inhabitants of the region well beyond the city boundaries in a whole range of capacities. As a wonderful living environment for approximately 118,000 people, the Golden City has much to offer. In addition to an eclectic mix of leisure and sports facilities, Pforzheim is home to a distinctive cultural scene, an internationally renowned university, schools of all kinds, numerous childcare options, modern healthcare facilities and outstanding shopping opportunities.

No other city in Germany is so closely connected with the history of the jewelry and watchmaking industry. Despite economic change, Pforzheim is currently still the center of Germany’s jewelry industry and enjoys an international reputation as the “jewelry metropolis”.

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HELIOS Hospital Pforzheim
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