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Erfurt has a vibrant history which goes back over 1,200 years. The largest city of Thuringia is well-known for a number of exceptional features such as the cathedral and the Church of St. Severus. Both have become symbols of the city.

The perfectly preserved original city centre accentuates the beauty of Erfurt. Furthermore, Erfurt has an outstanding infrastructure. The airport, the ICE rail as well as the motorway link offer a perfect arrival for tourists, businessmen and visitors from all over the world.

Small gardens as well as various parks and green areas create numerous green belts that encircle the city. Many people take pleasure in the peace and quiet, read a book or just listen to the birdsong.


Erfurt is proud of its long-established hospitality. In the traditional part of the city, you can enjoy restaurants with a long history, rustic taverns and medieval beer cellars. Many beer gardens invite you to stop by and to enjoy the weather and the outstanding service philosophy of Erfurt.

There is no need for a car in the centre of Erfurt. You can choose to experience Erfurt by tram or see the city by a horse-drawn coach.

Going shopping in Erfurt is really exciting. Several pedestrian areas with elegant boutiques, shops, department stores, sidewalk cafés, restaurants and small parks invite you to explore the city.

The Anger is the central shopping boulevard in Erfurt. Historically and architecturally remarkable buildings (Wilhelminian style) surround you on your shopping tour of Erfurt.




HELIOS Hospital Erfurt
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