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With nearly 500,000 inhabitants, Duisburg is the westernmost big city of the Ruhr. In the course of the industrialisation, Duisburg saw numerous smelting works, coal mines as well as steel and chemical works come into being. Even today, steel is produced in the north of the city in the world's largest blast furnace. Owing to the favourable traffic connections directly where the river Ruhr flows into the Rhine, the ports of the city have been expanded over the course of time to become the world's largest inland port. Duisburg's cityscape is characterised by industrial culture, but also offers a great number of local recreation areas, such as the Six-Lakes Plain in the south of the city. The Duisburg North Landscape Park with a shut-down smelting works and extensive green spaces is also situated in close proximity to HELIOS St. Johannes Hospital.


HELIOS Hospital Duisburg
An der Abtei 7-11
47166 Duisburg

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