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City & Region of Berlin

Berlin is more than just the German capital city. Located in north-eastern Germany, Berlin has gained the reputation of being a world city of culture and a veritable melting pot of artists, politicians, academics and industrialists, the wealthy and the hedonists. Each of its boroughs is distinctive and thus often attracts its own special target group. Whether you want to go shopping, see cultural and architectonical highlights or just unwind in a café or day spa, Berlin caters to all tastes.

The most popular metropolis
Berlin's strong historical and cultural heritage and influence as a political center of the European Union make it one of the most popular cities on the continent. This vibrant city is a travel hub and an important economical, cultural and educational center in Germany.

International reputation
Outstanding institutions including numerous universities and research establishments of high reputation, vast cultural offerings of theatres and museums as well as a myriad of festivals, the buzzing nightlife and rich architecture account for Berlin's international reputation.

Cultural atmosphere
The cultural program encompasses 174 museums, 150 theatres, eight symphony orchestras, three opera houses, 265 cinemas and 500 castles and parks in the surrounding area.



HELIOS Hospital Berlin-Zehlendorf
Walterhöferstraße 11
14165 Berlin

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