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Bad Schwartau is a city in Schleswig-Holstein and an officially recognised iodine brine and mud spa. The city impresses with landscaped parks, trails and natural state. Of particularly interesting are the botanical and zoological rarities, which can be observed in the nature reserves.

The free hanseatic city of Lübeck is only 5 kilometers away from Bad Schwartau and claims the title of Cultural Capital of the North. In 1987 the cityscape was declared as World Heritage by UNESCO. The historic city is surrounded by the rivers Trave, Wakenitz and Kanal. With 1800 historic buildings, alleys and contorted paths the city invites to take a walk.

Museums & Culture

Of special enjoyment are the museums: The St. Annen-museum with the famous Memling Altar and the modern art gallery. The “Burgkloster” presents changing exhibition.

In the „Buddenbrookshaus“ you will see the writers Heinrich and Thomas Mann, the composer Dietrich Buxtehude, the writer, Erich Mühsam, the sculptor Bernt Notke and the nobel peace prize laureate Willy Brandt. An own exhibitions hall is even dedicated to the nobel peace prize laureate Günter Grass.

Lübeck also has something musically to offer: organ concert in the 5 large municipal churches and music performances in the music and congress hall.

Lübeck, the„marzipan-city“

After 1800 Lübeck was known as the “marzipan-city”. Unknown, is how it got to this name. 

It can be assumed that a competition between various, at that time famous confectioneries was responsible for the name-giving.

Today the “Lübecker-marzipan” is exported by several companies from all over the world. 

„Baltic Sea Spa“ Travemünde

Know all over the world is the Baltic Sea Spa Travemünde, which is part of Lübeck since 1329. Here you will find one of the most impressively architectural promenades on the German coast with a wide sandy beach in the sheltered bay. 

The golf course of Lübeck, one of the oldest in Germany, is located behind the Brodtener seashore, a 20 meters tall and 4 kilometers long cliff coast.

In the port of Travemünde the four-masted barque “Passat” is surrounded by hundreds of yachts. It is known as a museum ship and is the city's landmark

A special highlight is the Travemünde Week, the second largest sailing event in the world.

Every year in July about 3000 sailors in 8000 boats start from the Lübeck´s bay. 

The sailing event on the Baltic Sea is accompanied by a folk festival.


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