HELIOS Hospital Bad Saarow


Bad Saarow is located roughly 70 km southeast of Berlin on the banks of the Scharmützel lake, one of the most beautiful and charming inland waterways of Europe. This holiday resort is best known for its healing hot-springs and mineral-rich mud, which has been used to cure various skin ailments since the beginning of the 20th century. At the heart of this luxurious resort lies the Saarow hot spring, one of the most modern wellness spas in Europe. Sport enthusiasts will assuredly come into their own: Bad Saarow is a paradise for surfers, divers, hikers, golfers, riders and many more. From a cultural point of view, Bad Saarow has a lot to offer as well. Comedies, musicals, concerts, exhibitions, etc. can be found – among other places – in the „theater by the sea” or the Saarow Centrum and guarantee a delightful time for all.


HELIOS Hospital Bad Saarow
Pieskower Str.33
15527 Bad Saarow

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