HELIOS Heart Center Leipzig

The Heart Center Leipzig

The Heart Center Leipzig is an advanced cardiac facility with 440 inpatient beds and an additional 12 for outpatients. It is home to a team of over 1,450 staff working under the leadership of experienced doctors and prominent scientists.

Since its inception in September 1994 the center has held the status of university hospital under a cooperation and lease agreement with the state of Saxony and Leipzig University. While legally and economically independent, the Heart Center is part of the Faculty of Medicine at Leipzig University. In 2014 it became a full subsidiary of HELIOS Kliniken GmbH.

The site of the Heart Center is also home to the HELIOS Park Hospital Leipzig and Leipzig Ambulatory Healthcare Center (MVZ) as well as a number of independent medical practitioners.





HELIOS Heart Center Leipzig
Strümpellstraße 39
04289 Leipzig

Email:Send an email to us: info@no-spam.dmu-helios.de

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