HELIOS Baltic Sea Hospital Damp

  • Single Room Comfort Ward
  • Bathroom Comfort Ward
  • Lounge Comfort Ward


Besides excellent medical care, we also strive to offer good service. We would like to tailor your stay at the clinic to your individual needs and personal preferences in order to facilitate your well-being and quick recovery. From your balcony you can enjoy the marvellous view of the Baltic Sea or the idyllic landscape of Schwansen. All rooms are generous in size and furnished appealingly.

Naturally, we also have rooms that are accessible for people with impairments/disabilities.

Our standard room includes the following:

  • one or two beds
  • Separate radio and TV
  • Laptops and DVD players available on loan
  • Bathroom with shower and toilet
  • Electrically adjustable beds


For our guests with higher demands, we offer accommodation in our newly opened optional services area. The concept behind the furnishing is to combine the comfort of a hotel with all potential medical requirements. The selected colours, materials and premium equipment with integrated media technology, as well as the elegant bathroom furnishing, create a pleasant atmosphere in which your recovery can proceed smoothly.

You will almost forget that you are in a clinic, considering the impressive views of the Baltic Sea from the café lounges and thanks to the personalised and competent care of our special service personnel.

We offer a wide range of optional services so that your stay can be customised to your personal requirements. Besides treatment by the doctor of your choice, we offer a particularly comfortable accommodation with many additional services such as a single room, a fridge and a balcony.

The billing will take place conveniently via your private or additional insurance, or, if you do not have such insurance, with you directly.

If you choose our optional single or double rooms, the following services are included:

  • Fresh towels daily
  • Free laundry service
  • Frequent change of bed linen (daily if requested)
  • Free use of TV, flat-screen TV with Sky TV and DVD player
  • Telephone use without basic charge
  • Regional daily newspapers and Welt am Sonntag (German Sunday paper)
  • Errands
  • Room service via the cafeteria (phone extension - 6004)
  • Additional menu options
  • Bathrobe on loan
  • Bathroom with vanity mirror, hairdryer and towel heater
  • Daily plate of fresh fruit
  • Daily pastry selection from a buffet as well as a range of different coffees and teas available in the lounge
  • Minibar containing mineral water and various juices
  • 24-hour acute pain service

In order to avoid heavy pain following the surgery, HELIOS Baltic Sea Hospital Damp offers all advanced anaesthetic techniques, such as nerve blocks or patient-controlled analgesia pumps. Moreover, patients who have just undergone surgery have our team of eleven specially trained pain nurses at their disposal round the clock.

Surgery and rehabilitation from a single source

Subsequent rehabilitation is strongly recommended following many surgical procedures. To this end, HELIOS Baltic Sea Hospital Damp closely collaborates with the adjacent HELIOS Rehabilitation Hospital Damp. The two hospitals are connected via a glass pedestrian tunnel with disabled access. At the Rehabilitation Hospital Damp, you will find physicians and therapists who specialise in the rehabilitation of patients following joint and spine surgeries. Independent studies have shown that patients who received treatment at the HELIOS Rehabilitation Hospital following joint replacement recover more quickly and can leave the hospital earlier and in a better general condition. Your surgeon is immediately available in the event of any complications. In case of concomitant diseases, you can receive medical treatment from the specialists of the Departments of Cardiology, Nephrology, Orthopaedics, Neurology and Psychosomatic Medicine. A dialysis department is available as well.

Help with language problems

In the event of communication problems, we will be happy to provide an interpreter. This way, you can ask any questions concerning your disease, the surgical procedure and the anaesthesia, provide information on your medical history and any physical discomfort and tell us about any concerns and worries in your native language without any language barriers.




HELIOS Baltic Sea Clinic Damp
Seute-Deern-Ring 20
24351 Damp

Email:Send an email to us: info@no-spam.dmu-helios.de

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