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Dec, 07.

What can you expect in the nuclear medical PET/CT department?

HELIOS Hospital Group

Registration for an examination can take place directly in our office or via the outpatient departments of our hospital if there is an appropriate indication and if the prerequisites are met. We strive to provide examination appointments within a short number of working days. For a PET/CT examination with FDG the patient should fast for at least eight hours prior to the examination, particularly avoiding the consumption of sugar or sugar-containing drinks. The drinking of non-sugary drinks such as mineral water and tea is allowed. Patients with diabetes mellitus should contact us prior to the PET/CT examination for therapy adjustment. If a diagnostic CT examination including contrast agent is to be carried out, current laboratory parameters for the kidneys and thyroid gland are required. In addition, previous diagnostic images should be provided to us in order to assess the clinical progression. Prior medical findings should also be brought to us if possible. The actual examination involves a preparatory phase approx. one hour in duration followed by an examination phase in the scanner which lasts approx. half an hour. We strive to communicate the results to the referring physician before the end of the day of examination. If wished for we are also happy to discuss the results directly with the patient although we consider that this is best done with the referring physician, who can then present the various therapeutic options to the patient. 


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