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May, 08.

The HELIOS hospital Hohenstuecken-Neurological Rehabilitation Centre for Children and Adolescents

The HELIOS hospital Hohenstuecken was founded in 2000 as a model project of the German Government. It was designed to provide high quality rehabilitation for children and young adults with brain or spinal cord injuries as well as for severely handicapped patients with chronic neurological conditions. Even severely injured or affected patients have a chance of improvement in a consequent inpatient rehabilitation programme. We cannot promise improvement - but we can promise the most advanced rehabilitations programmes. We offer neurological rehabilitation for patients from respirator dependence to reintegration into school and vocational training - and every stage in between. With our 155 inpatient treatment places we provide care for babies, children and young adults up to the age of 25. We encourage parents or relatives to stay with the patient and therefore have room for about 90 accompanying persons. Patients who suffered or are still suffering the following indications can be treated at the HELIOS hospital Hohenstuecken:

  • Brain trauma,
  • Brain damage due to oxygen deficiency, brain or spinal tumors, stroke, inflammation, metabolic disorders, Diseases or injuries of the spinal cord (Paraplegic/tetraplegic syndromes, spina bifida, Multiple sclerosis, Cerebral palsy, Epilepsy, Cerebral motor disease (spasticity, dystonia, ataxia), Neuromuscular diseases, Disorders of swallowing an feeding, Migraine and other chronic headaches, Diseases of the peripheral nervous system (Plexus paresis, hereditary neuropathies, Guillian-Barré-Syndrome and others), Developmental disorders


Please contact us, if you have further questions.
Helios via Deutsche Medizinische Union *For our Russian speaking patients +49 211 7817 444 0
Helios InternationalFor our international patients and partners +49 30 6832 3885