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Oct, 02.

Specialised clinic – the HELIOS Agnes Karll hospital Bad Schwartau

The HELIOS Agnes Karll hospital in Bad Schwartau lies about 70 km north of Hamburg and has, amount others, two highly specialised disciplines –foot surgery as well as urology, which offer innovative therapeutic measures at highest quality levels.

We would like to present these two special areas of the clinic to you.

Modern foot surgery– when your feet can’t carry you anymore

A part from the conservative treatment of the complaints of the foot, surgical reconstruction of a pain-free and well functioning foot is an important focus of the department.

Especially in the surgical treatment of Hallux-valgus-deformations Dr. Kai Olms (Director of the Foot Centre North and director of the HELIOS Agnes Karll hospital in Bad Schwartau) offers a special procedure – the Sonic Pin.

Traditional operation techniques for the treatment for the ball of the toe use fixation with nails, screws, plates and wires which need to be removed by a further operation which bears special risks. Implants made of metal irritate the bone and can often lead to incompatibilities and therefore induce secondary inflammation which prolongs the healing.


With the Sonic Pin a world first was introduced. In 2008 Dr. Kai Olms started the registration trial in Germany´and treated about 200 patients until now with this method.

The pin consists of 2 different lactic acid components. Under the effect of ultrasound energy the pin melts at a previously defined point into the osseous trabecula and induces a very strong connection of the sawed pieces of bone within about 5 seconds.


The pin dissolves completely after about 4 years, therefore does not need to be removed. Rejections – as it was the case for older absorbable materials have not yet been reported.


The Sonic Pin is an innovative therapy method in the treatment of foot deformations as an alternative to traditional treatment for many patients. In the course of special foot consultation hours detailed advice is given.



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