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Jan, 21.

New heart center comes in 2014

Rheinische Post 04.01.2011

(ped/pen)) A new heart center will be ready in 2014. Then there will be a "hybrid operating room", in which both teams can carry out interventions. "Heart medicine is highly advanced medical technology. It has the highest contingency costs and is extremely technologically contrained", says Prof. Dr. Klues.

5500 patients per year

Around 5500 patients were treated in the department for cardiology, HELIOS Klinikum Krefeld, last year. Just about 1800 catheter examinations were made:balloon dilatation with and without stents, roundly 500 patients received a pacemaker or a defibrillator in the heart surgery. In Krefeld, the equipment with defibrillators is ideal, and also the emergency doctors support the clinic colleagues with first information about the emergency admittance. Continous communication is self-evident, and the spatial junction of the single segments at the hospital is promoted. In case of an acute heart attack and the heart surgery is demanded, the track has to be short. "Then the immediate care is a must, a long-winded transportation is generally not possible", says Klues. In case there is the necessity of a heart-lung-machine in order to support the heart and circulation, the machine is also used in the catheder laboratory, but only under absolute emergency conditions".

No transplantations

Even  Krefeld offers the highest standard available, only the "conventional spectrum" will be covered: Krefeld leaves heart transplantations up to specialized clinics.



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