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Dec, 14.

Hope for little Lisa! (Two bone marrow donors were found)

PMG Presse-Monitor GmbH

Berlin-Lisa mostly enjoys to wear the little white dress, which makes her look like a princess. Her little crown, the teddy and babydoll are with her in bed. Her little kingdom which makes her forget where she is at: the ward for children suffering from cancer.

Lisa suffers from leukemia, her body is weak from the chemo therapy, her parents wear masks when they come to see Lisa. Every single infection could be fatal.

But now thers is a new hope that the little princess will fully recover. Two donors were found, whose bone marrow could heal Lisa.

Retrospect: Beginning of 2010 the little girl from Ukraine came down with a very aggresive form of leukemia. The disease affected her spine, a paraplegia was the risk. In her home country, Lisa would probably not have survived.

By the end of May, the aid organisation "Ein Herz für Kinder" took Lisa to the HELIOS Hospital Berlin-Buch. Prof. Dr. med. Lothar Schweigerer, one of the best specialists with respect to child oncology in Germany, firstly announced good news in late summer: "Lisa`s leukemia is not detectable at the moment."

A hope that was quickly extincted. There was a relapse during the process of treatment. The cancer was back.

Mother Tatjana (30) softly fondles her daughter over the head. " The first period of the chemo therapy my daughter was suffering very much",she says."Through the morphine she had no pain, but she was always tired and felt lost."

Now the good news!" We now have a first result of the search for a bone marrow donor", so Prof. Schweigerer."There are two donors, who are apparently qualified."

Lisas parents are relieved. The family will celebrate Christmas in the hospital. Together they only have one wish: that Lisa wins the battle against the cancer.


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