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Jan, 17.

HELIOS extends prevention offer – Hamburg is a further HPC-location

Hamburg/Berlin, 09. Januar 2014

  • Holistic check-ups at one location
  • Prof. Dr. med. Klaus-Michael Braumann takes over medical directorship
  • Former football professional Jens Duve takes the responsibility not only for the ENDO Rehab Centre but also the HPC Hamburg


Hamburg/Berlin, 09. January 2014 – HELIOS extends its prevention network: Including the HELIOS Prevention Centre (HPC) Hamburg in the ENDO Rehab Centre there are now HPC-locations. The services include several check-ups recording the current health status and also sustainable measures for the improvement and preservation of health.


The HELIOS Prevention Centres perform different check-ups which can be adapted to age, gender, professional stress level and private situation. “Due to demographic change the topic of health in today’s society gains more and more impact” says Prof. Dr. med. Klaus-Michael Braumann, medical director of the HPC Hamburg. Nowadays many companies emphasise health promotion for their employees to counteract a possible shortness of skilled workers. But also more and more private individuals are developing health awareness.


The examinations of the HPC include a detailed preliminary talk, extensive blood testing, ultrasound of different organs and arteries as well as ECG at rest and during stress. “In our check-ups it’s not only about checking the current health status but also about revealing possible health risks early enough and show prevention measures suitable for everyday life”, says Braumann. In a summarising talk a physician evaluated the findings of all medical results and from the preliminary talk he estimated the health risk. The physicians show concrete measures how the health risk can be minimised by movement and nutritional adjustment.


If wished, the HPC participants are introduced to an individual training programme for one and a half hours directly at the location in spacious rooms in the ENDO Rehab Centre subsequent to the check-up.


The HPC-Team consisting of physicians, physiotherapists and sports scientists also visits companies. On-site the measures for health prevention can be concretely adapted to the work situation of the employees. “An aircraft manufacturer needs other muscular training units compared to someone who sits at a desk for eight hours or more”, says Jens Duve, responsible for the ENDO Rehab Centre and the HPC Hamburg. Apart from motion therapy there are e.g. nutritional advice, conflict management and anti-stress-seminars on the programme.


Prof. Dr. med. Klaus-Michael Braumann is professor for sports medicine at the university of Hamburg and there director of the Institute for Sport- and Motion Medicine. Since 2012 he is the president of the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention.


Jens Duve is the manager of several HELIOS Rehab centres and at the same time Vice-President of the FC St. Pauli, which was the last club he played for professionally. Once he had to terminate his sporting career due to a knee injury he founded two Rehab Centres in 1992. Prior to that he completed this studies as a graduate in business administration.


The HELIOS Prevention Centre Hamburg and the ENDO Rehab Centre are located in the HELIOS ENDO-Klinik Hamburg, a specialiced clinic for bone, joint and spinal surgery. Next to the HPC Hamburg there are further locations in Bad Grönenbach, Berlin(2) and Damp. They belong to the HELIOS Klinikengruppe with 51 tertiary care hospitals, 23 rehabilitation clinics, 35 medical care centres, five rehab centres and 13 nursing institutions.




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