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Mar, 10.

HELIOS expands prevention programme

HELIOS expands its prevention network: With the HELIOS Prevention Center (HPC) at the ENDO Rehab Centre, there are now five HPC locations. Among the provided services are various check-ups, which, on the one hand, determine your current health condition and, on the other hand, demonstrate sustainable measures for improving and maintaining health.

The HELIOS Prevention Center conducts many check-ups, which can be customised based on age, sex, occupational stress, and your personal situation. “The topic of healthcare is becoming increasingly important in today’s society due to the change in demographics”, says Prof. Dr. med. Klaus-Michael Braumann, HPC Hamburg’s medical director.

Nowadays, many companies place an increased focus on health promotion for their employees, in order to prevent a possible shortage in skilled labour. But more and more individuals are developing health awareness.

Examinations at HPC include, apart from an extensive preliminary discussion, a comprehensive blood examination, ultrasound examination of many organs and arteries, as well as an ECG performed at rest and during exercise. “Our check-ups are not only about improving your current health condition, but also about identifying possible health risks at an early stage, and explaining prevention measures suitable for everyday living”, says Braumann. The health risk is then assessed by the doctor during concluding talks on the basis of all medical results and the findings from the preliminary discussion. The physicians then recommend specific steps on how health risk can be minimised through exercise and a change in diet. If requested, HPC participants are after the check-up introduced to an hour-and-a-half individual training programme conducted on-site at the ENDO Rehab Centre’s spacious premises.

Prof. Dr. med. Klaus-Michael Braumann is a professor of sports medicine at the University of Hamburg and is also the head of the Institute for Sports and Exercise Medicine. He has been president of the German Sports Medicine and Prevention Organisation since 2012.


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