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Mar, 10.

HELIOS Doctors – Voted Germany’s best physicians by FOCUS

FOCUS news magazine creates and publishes ranking lists with experts from different medical speciality fields based on independent data collection. The criteria used for evaluation are surveys conducted in collaboration with medical specialist societies, scientific publications, and recommendations from established doctors, patient groups, and self-help groups.

HELIOS ENDO-Klinik Hamburg

FOCUS news magazine, in their special issue dealing with the subject of “Bones and Joints”, as voted two HELIOS ENDO-Klinik physicians as the best endoprosthetic physicians in Germany: Prof. Dr. Thorsten Gehrke, Medical Director and Chief Physician, and Dr. Wolfgang Klauser, Assistant Medical Director and also Chief Physician. Both physicians are among the best hip and knee prosthetics professionals in their fields and have been requested by patients nationally and internationally. “I am very honoured. But I would like to thank my team, without whom it would have been impossible to administer health care at such a high level”, said Prof. Dr. Thorsten Gehrke. “We are extremely grateful for being ranked among the best this year again”, added Dr. Wolfgang Klauser.“ The recommendations made by patients and colleagues alone are a great affirmation of trust for us.” Doctors at the HELIOS ENDO-Klinik specialise in treating joint and bone disorders. One important aspect is medical treatment for artificial joint replacement. More than 6,000 surgical operations on joints are performed each year. “We have implanted more than 130,000 leg prostheses since our founding in 1976. Thus, we are the European leader in this field”, says Prof. Dr. Thorsten Gehrke. “A focus on this service area along with leadership by outstanding doctors ensures the highest medical quality for patients.” Treatment success rates are the most important quality standard for a doctor.

HELIOS Klinikum Berlin-Buch

No less than six doctors from the HELIOS Klinikum Berlin-Buch have been listed in the current FOCUS Doctors List of 2013. The distinguished doctors are:

Prof. Dr. med. Josef Zacher, Chief Physician for orthopaedics and trauma surgery, has appeared repeatedly over the years as a hip surgery expert in the TOP physicians list. This specialist in endoprosthetic hip joint operations utilises minimally invasive, tissue conserving operation techniques when implanting artificial hips and also specialises in revision surgery.

Prof. Dr. med. Marc Bloching, Chief Physician at the ENT Clinic and Director of the HELIOS Hearing Centre Berlin-Brandenburg, specialises in conservative and operative treatment of hearing-impaired patients ranging from newborns to adults, who can find specialised help “under one roof” here thanks to a combination of HNO doctors, hearing aid acousticians, audiologists, rehabilitation instructors and the sociopaediatric centre.

Lecturer Dr. med. Peter Reichardt, Chief Physician at the Clinic of Interdisciplinary Oncology and Director of the Sarcoma Centre Berlin- Brandenburg, has been recognised twice already in the field of digestive system tumours. Systematic therapy, medication treatment before or after an operation, or as a stand-alone treatment, constitutes a crucial component of interdisciplinary treatment concept when treating malicious tumours.

Prof. Dr. med. Michael Untch, Chief Physician at the Clinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics and the affiliated Level I perinatal centre, and Director of the Interdisciplinary Breast Centre, is for the third time already ranked as an expert in breast cancer patient treatment and gynaecological tumours. Important aspects are breast-preserving operations and reconstructive surgeries, as well as individually created interdisciplinary treatment plans. This allows patients to detect tumours at an early stage using mammography screenings and to undergo less stressful operations. Chemotherapy can be avoided thanks to innovative testing methods of the tumour, and the use of tive irradiation can shorten the length of radiotherapy by two weeks. This expert and his team offer innovative treatments as part of international studies that are geared towards tumour biology.

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Strik, Chief Physician at the Clinic for General, Visceral, and Oncological Surgery and Director of the Intestine Centre, has been placed on the list as an expert in stomach surgery. One important aspect of treating digestive system and endocrine organ cancer is the use of minimally invasive surgery (“keyhole surgery”), an innovative operation procedure that is gentle on patients.

Lecturer Dr. med. Ralf Dechend, Senior Doctor at the Clinic for Cardiology and Nephrology is in the TOP physicians list for the 3rd time already. In a special outpatient clinic, this expert in high blood pressure treats hypertension patients who do not reach their desired blood pressure level despite taking three to four medications and require further diagnosis along with possible interventional therapy.

HELIOS Klinikum Krefeld

The FOCUS doctors list has voted the Chief Physician for General, Visceral, and Minimally-Invasive Surgery at the HELIOS Klinikum Krefeld, lecturer Dr. med Christoph Wullstein, as the best stomach surgeon in Germany. In a special edition dealing with the topic of gastrointestinal disorders, the magazine published the names of the top specialists from all of Germany. In addition to the quality of intestinal and pancreatic surgery, expertise in complex stomach and liver operations were primarily taken into consideration, along with recommendations from patients and colleagues. Christoph Wullstein is the only nominee in his field in the region of the left Lower Rhine. This is already the HELIOS Klinikum Krefeld’s second FOCUS nomination this year after having been listed for women’s health care and obstetrics with Prof. Michael Friedrich. “I am very honoured. But I would like to first and foremost thank my team, without whom it would have been impossible to administer health care at such a high level”, expressed the chief physician. Moreover, some crucial factors for successfully treating surgical patients are high standards for oncological operations and establishing gentle procedures as part of the accredited Centre for Minimally- Invasive Surgery (MIC).


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