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Preventative Health Care made easy

Restless sleep, job-related stress or an unhealthy lifestyle? Many people hardly find time to focus on their health. The one- to two-day health check-ups at the Helios Prevention Center (HPC) help to prevent diseases and HPC doctors provide advice on the way to healthy living.

  • The age-specific check-ups provide an accurate picture of your state of health.
    The age-specific check-ups provide an accurate picture of your state of health.

With the Helios Prevention Center (HPC) Helios offers customised prevention programmes from a single source at 10 locations in Germany. The age-specific check-ups provide an accurate picture of the state of health and are personally tailored to each participant, his risk profile and his professional and personal situation. Helios experts examine major health parameters and physical performance functions, including a comprehensive blood test, ultrasound diagnostics of various organs and arteries and both resting and stress ECGs. In the event of risk constellations, preventative action and supplementary diagnostics are specified if required.

During each check-up at the HPC, the participants benefit from the high medical qualifications and many years of experience of the preventative experts, who remain their contact persons in the event that continued medical care may be required. A comprehensive final interview takes place to discuss the medical results obtained and the patient's personal lifestyle. The doctor and patient jointly develop a realistic individual action programme to boost health and ensure an all-round healthy lifestyle.

The incorporation of the HPC into Germany's leading hospital network guarantees a uniform quality standard when it comes to medicine and expertise. All examinations can take place under a single roof – this means no waiting times, short travelling distances and personal all-round care provided by the HPC doctor and the local team.

Our medical check-ups and prices

  • *Since this examination needs preparation, you need to plan for a hospital stay of two days in this case.

We will be happy to adapt the programme to your specific risk profile as well as your professional and personal situation by adding examination modules.

A day at the HPC

Initial consultation

Many problems and risks only reveal themselves in a personal consultation. For this reason, every patient who has registered for a check-up is welcomed by a HPC specialist, who carefully listens to the patient, performs the initial examination, coordinates the further procedure and also remains the point of contact after the check-up.


The HPC team guides every patient through the HELIOS specialist departments throughout the day. There are no unnecessary ways or waiting times. All disciplines are located under one roof – making it possible to adapt the programme to the specific patient’s needs at short notice.



Final consultation

The HPC specialist once again takes the time for an extensive consultation. As part of a thorough overall analysis, the medical findings and laboratory results are consolidated to assess the risk profile. Finally, the doctor and the patient jointly develop a customised programme of preventive measures, diet and exercise – providing fresh impetus for a conscious lifestyle.




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