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Situated at the heart of Germany and home to trade fairs, culture and universities (including Leipzig University, one of Germany's oldest universities), Leipzig has a lot to offer to its inhabitants. The pleasant cosmopolitan city has advanced to become one of Germany’s most important industrial cities and is known around the world for its extensive, top-quality cultural programme. The high quality of life in Leipzig is due in large part to short commuting distances, numerous shopping and entertainment options, excellent transport links (including a comprehensive local public transport network), districts full of appealing architecture and direct connections from the city to its surrounding areas with numerous lakes, recreation areas and day-trip opportunities. Alongside a large and diverse selection of leisure activities, cultural aficionados are drawn to this city of music and books for its complex and fascinating cultural heritage. Thanks to Leipzig-Halle Airport and Europe's largest railway station, Leipzig is and will continue to be a gateway to the world.


HELIOS Park Clinic Leipzig
Strümpellstraße 41
04289 Leipzig

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