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Chief Physician at HELIOS Hospital Bad Saarow Dr. med. Oliver Pociuli

Dr. med. Oliver Pociuli

Specialist fields (in extracts)

  • Additional qualification in emergency medicine since 2006
  • Internist since 2006
  • Subspeciality pneumology since 2009

Curriculum vitae (in extracts)

1991 - 1998
Studies of human medicine, Free University of Berlin
Licence to practice medicine
2000 - 2003
Assistant Physician, Lung Hospital Heckeshorn, Hospital Zehlendorf, Department of Pneumology I, Chief Physician Prof. Dr. H. Lode
Doctorate in medicine, supervisor: Prof. Dr. T. Schaberg
2003 - 2004
Assistant Physician, Hospital Coburg, Department of Medicine II, Cardiology, Chief Physician Prof. Dr. J. Brachmann
2004 - 2007
Assistant Physician, Hospital Lichtenfels, Department of Internal Medicine, Chief Physicians Dr. E. Dünninger and Dr. H. Göbel
Additional qualification in emergency medicine
Internist, Bavarian Medical Association
2007 - 2009
Assistant Physician, HELIOS Hospital Emil v. Behring, Berlin, Lung Hospital Heckeshorn, Department of Pneumology, Chief Physician PD Dr. T. Bauer
Pneumologist, Berlin Medical Association
2009 -2012
Head of the Department of Pneumology & Senior Physician at Vivantes Hospital Spandau, Berlin, Department of Internal Medicine – Cardiology, Pneumology & Conservative Intensive Care Medicine, Chief Physician Prof. Dr. S. Behrens
Managing Senior Physician, Deputy Chief Physician
Since 2015
Chief Physician, Department of Pneumology, Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, HELIOS Hospital Bad Saarow


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