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Finger arthrosis (arthritis of the fingers)

The joints of the fingers are covered with cartilage, which allows for the joining bones to glide against each other smoothly.  When this cartilage gets worn down, thereby impairing the normal function of the finger joints, one refers to finger arthrosis, a degeneration of the joints of the fingers.  Finger arthrosis is usually either caused by ‘wear and tear’ over many years (see ‘Osteoarthritis’) or rheumatoid arthritis, a systemic disease that causes inflammation in the joints of the body.  Finger arthrosis is characterised by pain, stiffness and swelling in the finger joints.  Depending on the underlying cause of finger arthrosis, deformities may also arise in the hands.  Finger arthrosis is first treated conservatively with physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications or splints around the affected joints.  If this is not successful in alleviating symptoms, surgery may be required to restore joint function and relive pain.



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