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Gynecomastia is an irregular growth of one or both breasts in men. Gynecomastia is rather common. It is a physiologic occurrence that happens during teenage years. Youthful hypertrophy is characterized by a tender discoid enlargement of the breast tissue below the areola and regularly subsides unexpectedly within a year. Gynecomastia as well is frequent among mature men.  Generally such gynecomastia is associated with weight gain. It may possibly be caused by hormonal imbalance, drugs with estrogens or steroidal compounds.  Failure of the liver to inactivate circulating estrogen, as in alcoholic cirrhosis can also be a reason for gynecomastia. It tends to remit spontaneously but, if obvious, can be corrected surgically for beauty or psychosomatic reasons.  



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    HELIOS Hospital Berlin Zehlendorf

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