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Epilespy is a disorder resulting from the generation of synchronised electrical signals in the brain which causes recurring seizures.  The manifestation of epileptic seizures can vary from blank staring (absence seizure) to severe convulsions (tonic-clonic seizure).  Many people experience a seizure during their lifetime however at least two unprovoked seizures are necessary to be diagnosed with epilepsy.  Epilepsy must generally be treated as even mild seizures can be dangerous during certain activities such as driving.  Therapy of epilepsy includes medications and sometimes also surgery.  This usually decreases and may even eliminate the severity and frequency of the epileptic seizures. 



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    HELIOS Hospital Krefeld-Duesseldorf

    Krefeld is located close to Duesseldorf and its international airport, which is one of the largest in Germany. The HELIOS Hospital Krefeld has a long history that reaches back to 1845. Since this time the hospital is known for medical care on the highest level.

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