Diagnosis - Neurosurgery


A diskectomy is a neurosurgical intervention to remove a damaged part of a disk in your spine. The intention of diskectomy is to relieve the painful symptoms such as back pain. The herniated disk puts pressure on the spinal nerve which causes the pain. Not every patient suffering from a damaged or herniated disk needs a diskectomy. Generally patients are treated conservately, using physiotherapy or medication. In case there is no bettering of the symptomes a diskectomy might be indicated.



  • HELIOS Hospital Berlin Buch

    HELIOS Hospital Berlin Buch

    The new HELIOS Hospital in Berlin-Buch, one of the largest new hospital complexes in Europe was opened in July 2007. With 1.100 hospital beds and 26 medical departments the new campusis state-of-the-art, maximum care hospital that provides the highest levels of medical care and comfort.

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  • HELIOS Hospital Erfurt

    HELIOS Hospital Erfurt

    With 1,240 beds, the HELIOS Hospital Erfurt is the largest hospital in the region, and in charge of providing medical care to the inhabitants of Erfurt and beyond.

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  • HELIOS Hospital Wuppertal

    HELIOS Hospital Wuppertal

    The HELIOS Hospital Wuppertal is a maximum care hospital. With around 1,000 beds, it is the largest hospital in the Bergisch-Land area. Its 26 clinical departments provide almost the entire range of medical services.

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