Diagnosis - Neuroradiology

Trauma (Polytrauma)

Polytraumas are often caused by motor vehicle accidents. Car accidents often occur at high velocities causing several injuries. On admission to a hospital the patient immediately undergoes x-ray diagnosis of their spine, chest and their pelvis. A possible result of a polytrauma could be a fractured cervical vertebra, a fractured pelvis, or a haemothorax. It is also very common that trauma patients go straight to CT or a surgery theatre if they need immediate care and treatment.



  • HELIOS Hospital Berlin Buch

    HELIOS Hospital Berlin Buch

    The new HELIOS Hospital in Berlin-Buch, one of the largest new hospital complexes in Europe was opened in July 2007. With 1.100 hospital beds and 26 medical departments the new campusis state-of-the-art, maximum care hospital that provides the highest levels of medical care and comfort.

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  • HELIOS Hospital Erfurt

    HELIOS Hospital Erfurt

    With 1,240 beds, the HELIOS Hospital Erfurt is the largest hospital in the region, and in charge of providing medical care to the inhabitants of Erfurt and beyond.

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