Diagnosis - Hand Surgery

Nerve compression syndrome

Nerve compression syndrome refers to a disorder arising from pressure being placed on nerves,thereby impeding their correct function. Several areas of the body are predisposed to nerve compression syndrome due to the anatomical structures close to the nerve. The hand is one such area, with many people suffering from particular kinds of nerve compression syndrome (see carpal tunnel syndrome). When a nerve is compressed, both sensation and motor function can be disturbed. This may result in weakness, pain, tingling or numbness inthe affected area. As in carpal tunnel syndrome, such as anti-inflammatory medication or splinting. In more advanced cases however, surgery may be necessary to relieve pressure placed on the nerve (nerve release surgery).



  • HELIOS Hospital Berlin Zehlendorf

    HELIOS Hospital Berlin Zehlendorf

    With 554 beds, the HELIOS Hospital Zehlendorf is the largest hospital in the south west of Berlin. Its medical focus is on, orthopedics, pediatric surgery and pneumology, pneumology, plastic surgery, thoracic surgery, general and visceral surgery.

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  • HELIOS Hospital Krefeld-Duesseldorf

    HELIOS Hospital Krefeld-Duesseldorf

    Krefeld is located close to Duesseldorf and its international airport, which is one of the largest in Germany. The HELIOS Hospital Krefeld has a long history that reaches back to 1845. Since this time the hospital is known for medical care on the highest level.

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  • HELIOS Hospital Schwerin

    HELIOS Hospital Schwerin

    The HELIOS Hospital Schwerin has 23 medical departments, a well known psychiatric clinic and possesses of 1,406 beds in total.

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