Diagnosis - Gynecology

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer refers to tumors that originate in the ovaries.  There are four different types of ovarian cancer, depending on what part of the ovary the tumor arises in.  Symptoms of ovarian cancer may include abdominal, back or pelvic pain, a feeling of being bloated or full, difficulty eating, changes in bowel habits and increased urinary urgency.  The key to treating ovarian cancer effectively is early detection and it is often diagnosed by undergoing a pelvic examination and having a blood test and an ultrasound examination done.  Early detection is important as it allows the ovarian cancer to be treated before it spreads to other areas of the body.  Treatment often involves surgery and chemotherapy and sometimes radiation therapy.    



  • HELIOS Hospital Berlin Buch

    HELIOS Hospital Berlin Buch

    The new HELIOS Hospital in Berlin-Buch, one of the largest new hospital complexes in Europe was opened in July 2007. With 1.100 hospital beds and 26 medical departments the new campusis state-of-the-art, maximum care hospital that provides the highest levels of medical care and comfort.

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  • HELIOS Hospital Schwerin

    HELIOS Hospital Schwerin

    The HELIOS Hospital Schwerin has 23 medical departments, a well known psychiatric clinic and possesses of 1,406 beds in total.

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