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Metabolic disorders

Metabolic disorder is a medical condition considered by problems with an organism's metabolism. Since a healthy, functioning metabolism is the key for life; metabolic disorders are treated very seriously. Diagnosing a metabolic disorder can be complicated, since a wide variety of problems create comparable symptoms.



  • HELIOS Hospital Krefeld-Duesseldorf

    HELIOS Hospital Krefeld-Duesseldorf

    Krefeld is located close to Duesseldorf and its international airport, which is one of the largest in Germany. The HELIOS Hospital Krefeld has a long history that reaches back to 1845. Since this time the hospital is known for medical care on the highest level.

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  • HELIOS Hospital Siegburg-Bonn

    HELIOS Hospital Siegburg-Bonn

    With 380 beds, the HELIOS Hospital Siegburg is an acute care hospital with two highly-effiecient medical facilities.

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