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Ichtyosis refers to a diverse group of skin disorders which are mostly of genetic origin and therefore often arise shortly after birth.  The skin of people with ichtyosis appears flaky, dry and thickened and depending on the type of ichtyosis, other serious complications may arise.  Some problems related to ichtyosis may include loss of water and minerals through the large amount of flaking skin, the formation of large and painful cracks in the skin surface, disturbed functioning of the sweat glands, unpleasant body odour and significant psychosocial distress. Ichtyosis may also arise later on in life as a result of infection, vitamin deficiency, cancerous disease or reaction to medication.  Treatment of ichtyosis usually involves removing the excess, flaking surface skin and rehydrating the skin with appropriate ointments.  Therapeutic baths and UV therapy are also effective in some cases.  For more severe cases of ichtyosis, medication may also be necessary. 



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